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Who is Izaak, anyways?


(Picture credit: ESPN Orlando)

Hey everybody, my name is Izaak! I am a huge Jacksonville Jaguars fan! I know, I know, you are probably thinking….WHY?! Well, it is simple. I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. Growing up, my family loved to watch football and naturally I latched onto the local team. My favorite player is Mark Brunell. It has been 10 plus years since he last laced them up for the Jaguars but I will never forget how he played the game.

Well, since then, I have uprooted myself to Connecticut. I have been living in CT for a couple of years now. Many of my friends ┬áhere are either New York Giants fans or New England Patriots fans. I kinda have a soft spot for the New York Giants. Their current coach, Tom Coughlin coached the Jaguars for several seasons. Tom put Jacksonville on the map in regards to professional sports. However, I will always bleed BLACK AND GOLD–GO JAGS!

So, basically, I am starting this blog as a tribute to my favorite sports team; the Jacksonville Jaguars! The 2015 – 2016 season is just about to kickoff and I am excited for this years team. In addition, I will be adding my thoughts on the each Jaguar game throughout the season.

If you are a Jaguars fan too, and would like to connect, please do.


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