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Jaguar fan living in Connecticut

I just moved to Connecticut a couple of months ago after living in northern Florida for ten years. While living in Florida, I worked in the landscaping industry for the last five years, learning the trade from a well respected and knowledgeable owner and crew at Jacksonville Landscaping and Tree Care. My first two years at JL&TC, I was a mower and ground worker. During the end of my second year and well into the third year, I began to learn the techniques of climbing and cutting. I mainly cut trees that were already removed. By the end of my third year, I was no longer a mower and became a full time team member of the tree service team.

After a full year of cutting trees, I began my training cutting trees while climbing them too. That was obviously the most dangerous aspect of the job. I do not want to downplay that cutting trees already on the ground as child play but it is a different animal while in the air, either in a bucket or strapped into a harness. In addition, did you know that tree removal is so dangerous that it has been known to be compared to king crab fishing–you know, just like the television show “The Deadliest Catch”?

Towards the end of my last year at JL&TC, I learned how to operate the lift and rotated with team members on each job. By now, I was confident in my skills was seeking a management position within the company. I informed my boss of my aspirations and goal of becoming a production manager within the company. He said he would take it into consideration but I had the inkling that he was not interested in promoting me therefore I had to make a rash and life altering decision that will affect my life in a pretty dramatic fashion. Therefore, I started looking for a management position within the tree industry right away.

I searched jobs in northern Florida and southern Georgia but I could not find anything within a pay grade that would compensate for the distance I would have to travel for the desired position. Unfortunately that meant I had to broaden my search radius. After months of searching I was able to narrow my possible choices to a few locations, two of the three were located in Connecticut. My aunt lives in Connecticut so I been there a couple of times and I really liked it. That was the main reason why I accepted a job at Waterbury Tree Service in Waterbury, CT. It was kinda ironic how I found them. My aunt hired them for tree service last fall. She got to talking with the owner and he mentioned that he was looking for a production manager. That was how I found out about the job, ended up applying for it and was offered the job as a manager for tree service Waterbury, CT.

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