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2016 NFL draft recap

What’s up Jaguar Nation?!


How ’bout dem Jags!! They had a phenomenal draft the other night. If I had to grade Jacksonville’s draft picks, I would give them an “A”. Their overall draft was defensively driven. Why? Well, the Jaguars had the 31st worst defense last year and have been in the bottom 5 the last several years. Therefore, our need to fill major gaps on our defense is imminent. Jacksonville definitely answered the call by selecting six defensive players out of seven players drafted. Our one lone offensive player was quarterback, Brandon Allen from Arkansas. Allen was the twenty-sixth pick in the sixth round.

Our draft selections looked like this: Jalen Ramsey, corner back from Florida State was our first pick. I was hoping we were going to take Myles Jack outside linebacker from UCLA with our first pick but Jack went on record just days before the draft and stated he might need micro-fracture surgery on his repaired knee. Jack ended up undrafted the first day even though he was a top 10 player in this years NFL draft. What happened next was unexpected but AWESOME! We ended up drafting Myles Jack with our second round pick. Do you know what I love about this pick? Myles is pro ready. Basically, he is ready to start in our 4-3 defense this up coming season and should have a huge impact.

The next three picks for the Jaguars were defensive lineman. All three are solid players and I can see Ngakoue and Day playing big roles this year. Do I think the Jags are going to win the AFC South? Yes, of course I do! I believe they will every year but realistically…..probably not, however, they are only a year away from the AFC South crown. Especially with the Colts in a rebuilding year. The Texans are the favorite and Tennessee is not too far behind. It would be great to take the division and make the playoffs. That’s our goal for 2016-2017!

I cannot wait for the season to start. I am so ready, and so is my father and grandfather. I actually watched the NFL draft with my grandfather. He invited me over because his caregiver was off that weekend and he did not want another caregiver filling in. So, I offered to keep him company for a few days when I heard my parents talking about setting up a schedule for him. This was a great opportunity to hangout with my grandfather and he is a huge New England fan. He is kinda grumpy like coach Bill, ha! But, I guess that happens when you get older, especially for that generation and I am sure my parents will be the same way. Their generation of blue collar workers have a hard time when they get older. All that hard labor, standing on your feet all day really takes a toll on your body over the years. We have it easy and my grandfather does not shy away from telling me about it every time I see him.

Did you know that New England did not have a first round draft pick this year? Yup, the NFL punished them for the deflating footballs during a playoff game a couple a years ago which is ridiculous but that is for another day and time. Know what is funny? My grandfather thinks the Patriots had a better draft than the Jaguars?! I know he is just trying to get under my skin. However, I do give them credit for finding great talent in the later rounds. All I have to say is…Thank goodness that we do not have to play New England this season!


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