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The NFL draft is in 5 DAYS!!

What’s up Jaguar Nation?!

Man, I am pumped for this years draft, and I cannot wait for the up coming season! The Jacksonville Jags have the fifth pick in the 2016 NFL draft. They also have the seventh pick in the second and fifth round (38th and 146th overall), sixth pick in the third and sixth rounds (69th and 181st overall),  and the fifth pick in the fourth and seventh round (103rd and 226th overall).

The last couple of drafts for the Jacksonville Jaguars have been very good but we will have to wait to see how Dante Fowler, Jr plays this season. I hope his off season is something we can forget about after he was seen on video watching a fight between his girl friend and his baby’s mama. Lets pray he can clean up his off field issues.

The Jaguars have averaged a top five pick going back to the 2008 NFL draft. Most of their first round picks have been busts. Starting with the defensive end from Florida, Derrick Harvey. He was our eight pick in the 2008 draft and ended up being cut in 2011 after three seasons. Another bust was the fifth overall pick in the 2012 draft, Justin Blackmon. Wide Receiver from Oklahoma State. He only played 20 games for us and ended up being suspended indefinitely for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

I really hope this year will be a GREAT draft! We have a solid team that is young and presented themselves as a team on the rise last season. Our quarterback play from Blake Bortles was good and improved down the stretch. He closed out the season playing very well.

As a team, our overall need in this years draft is defense. We gave up to many points last year. You cannot expect to win the way we won last year, basically in a shootout. Averaging 25 points a game is phenomenal but giving up 30 plus points a game just is not going to cut it. The problem with drafting a defensive player in the first round is historically risky for any team, the stats prove it, especially for defensive ends. With that being said. Our defensive needs are great and we need to fill three specific areas on defense: linebacker, defensive back and defensive end.

In my opinion, I think we should draft a linebacker because they seem to be more NFL ready as they are usually the captains of the defense: calling the plays, reading the offense, and calling audibles. Therefore, I agree with the draft experts who think the Jaguars should take Myles Jack, from the University of California Los Angles.

This years draft is in Chicago, again. When the draft was in New York, me and a few friends would take the train into the city and buy tickets to the draft. It was always a good time. This year, my buddy from California is flying out to Chicago for this years draft. He asked me to meet him there but I cannot get the time off. The only reason he is going is because he won an all inclusive package to the three day draft, which includes a limo to and from the airport. LUCKY SOB!



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