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Free Agency March 2016

What’s up Jaguar State?

I hope y’all are as excited about the first week of free agency as I am! We got a couple of studs players that I am very excited to see implemented into our offense system this 2016-2017 season.

Our first free agent signing was a big one. Chris Ivory is a great addition and will be a significant role model / mentor to our second year back T.J. Yeldon. Ivory, who has yet to hit his prime is considered a veteran by football standards. However, he is only 28 years old and racked up career number last season for carries (247), rushing yards (1,070), rushing touchdowns (7) and receptions (30). Loving this free agent signing!

The second free agent signing was huge on so many levels: Malik Jackson, the big defensive end acquired by the Jags is going to help our league’s worst rushing the passer defense with his elite pass-rushing abilities. Jackson, also has the ability to play defensive tackle with Sen’Derrick Marks. The duo will be a force to be reckon with. The signing of Jackson also has a enormous impact the defending Super Bowl champions, the Denver Broncos and their top rated defense. Losing Jackson will adversely affect their league’s best defense.

The third free agent signing was another defensive player, Tashaun Gipsonn who plays free safety. Gipson, is a nice addition to the Jags defense with his 13 interceptions since 2013 which is forth best in the league. A solid Pro Bowl player.

The forth free agent signing and the third defensive player is Prince Amukamara the former corner back of the New York Giants. It is obvious the Jags are filling hole they have had in the secondary with solid free agents. This signing really allows the Jags to Aaron Colvin to move into the nickle where he is outstanding.

I am so amped up for the season to start! The Jags are not in the most ideal market but this past week they are showing the Miami Dolpins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers who is Da Boss of Florida! I guess they are tired of being the bottom team in the league defense the last few years (first, second and fifth).

I have been talking trash to some of my friends about these huge acquisitions. Most of them do not believe the Jags will be competitive this coming NFL season but I already know they will. I cannot wait to see what they do with the fifth pick in the NFL draft in several weeks.

Last years first round pick, Dante Flower did not survive the first practice when he went down with a season ending ACL tear. This year, the Jags are looking to fill that same spot in case Flower does not make it back. Our first pick has been predicted to be Joey Bosa, defensive end from Ohio State.

To celebrate the Jags and their recent signings, I am going to have a draft party! I need to keep this positive momentum going and it give me an opportunity to gloat about MY TEAM, DA JAGUARS instead of being mocked by most of my friends for being a Jags fan.

I have not had a party since I moved into my home a few years ago so I need to hit up Craiglist and find me a house cleaning service to deep clean my home….it needs it, especially the carpets.

I will be back to assess the draft….talk to you all then but until then….GO JAGS!

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