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Week Four Review vs Colts

Hey what’s up everybody? I must admit. I was really excited about this game. I thought we were going to take this game, easily. The Colts did not show me anything the first three games and are really playing lousy. I know, the Jags are not playing at a high level either but we were getting better every week. Therefore, I really had high hopes of beating the Colts even though we were playing in Indianapolis. First, the 1-2 Colts were playing without their star quarterback Andrew Luck. That fact alone, really had me convinced that the Jags were going to take this game. Their backup quarterback, Matt Hasselbeck has not played in a game for three years….Come, on, man!!

Traditionally, I watch all my Jag games at home (with the NFL Sunday ticket) but this weekend, my buddy, Eric,¬†asked me to hangout. He wanted to share some important news, so we met up at BWW to chat, watch the games, and of course, eat some wings. Anywyas, Eric was excited to tell me that he is starting a new¬†carpet cleaning business in Danbury, CT with a few friends. Of course I was happy for him but in the back of my mind, I was thinking, sure, we got this game in the bag with Luck sitting out. Boy, was I wrong about that! Where to begin, well, the game was on one of the smallest TV’s there…I have a 65 inch at home. Secondly, the Jags played very well but Myers missed another field goal that cost us the game! The coaching staff needs to start holding players accountable for their costly play. Right now, I am looking for an excuse but the truth of the matter is….The Jags would of lost anyways. I am worse than a baseball player when it comes to superstitions.

Blake Bortles, T.J. Yeldon, and Allen Hurns played good but not good enough. Bortles needs to be more efficient with his completion percentage but overall I was happy with the play of the offense. We need to establish a running game and do not abandon it early if it not working. I know it is easy to say but the offensive line needs to help the rookie out. Thhis game, I was impressed with the o-line and look what transpired….Yeldon rushed for over a hundred yards and scored a touchdown! The defense played well, holding the Colts to 13 points in four quarters. But, I am very skeptical. Again, we were playing a battered Colts team. Our next couple of opponents are also playing at a low level and we need to capitalize on that. Not allowing these upcoming teams to gain momentum! Until next week!!

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