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Welcome to my new website


(Picture credit: Jacksonville Jaguars)

Hello everyone, welcome to my new website called Jaguars Locker. I just wanted to say, “Hello!” My name is Izaak. I am a huge Jacksonville Jaguars fan! If you want to know a little more about me you can read it here.

Well, lets get started…..We open up another NFL season at home vs the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers are lead by their pro-bowl quarterback, Cam Newton. Cam is an explosive player. In his rookie year he broke several records including Peyton Manning’s record for the most passing yards in a game by a rookie quarterback.

I believe our best defensive approach against Cam is to keep him in the pocket. Eventually, Cam will force passes into double coverage and we can capitalize. The Panthers are very thin at wide receiver. Their best receiver (Kelvin Benjamin) is out for the season. 

The Panthers running attack is lead by Johnathan Stewart and of course, the ever so dangerous, Cam Newton. Stewart came on late last season with a surge of power and speed. He looked like the younger version of himself but quicker. However, there is always the question of health when people talk about Stewart. He has missed many games over the last few seasons. Health does not seem like an issue for Stewart right now but I am sure there is some early rust since his competition (DeAngelo Williams) left for Pittsburgh during the off season. I am not too concerned with Stewart, he is traditionally a slow starter. Our main focus is to contain Cam!

Now onto one of my favorite topics, Blake Bortles and the Jacksonville offensive! Last year was a disappointing season. Losing the first six games was a horrible feeling. I did not want to watch the remaining games but I did because I really do love my Jags. Anyways, lets move past last year misery. I do not even know why I brought it up. Well, now it is out of my system. Lets move on!

The Jags lead by second year quarterback Blake Bortles. Blake is looking to build on a solid rookie campaign. This Florida native had an impressive preseason and we hope to carry it over to the regular season. Blake is rejoined with his young receiving corps and new rookie running back T.J. Yeldon. Who many experts believe will make an instant impact after our first round pick, Dante Fowler Jr injured his ACL on the first day of practice but we still have Toby Gerhart! His impact on short yardage downs help keep our offensive drives alive and gives us the ability to control and manage the game better.

The improvement on the offensive line is encouraging. Better protection for Blake and better lanes for Yeldon and Gerhart to attack! I predict with just a LITTLE bias that the Jags will defeat the Panthers 16 to 13 in overtime.






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